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Providing 24-hour emergency, back-up & temporary power solutions for your industry with generator rental and delivery service across Ontario

Power Rental Equipment

  • Power Service

    Reliable power is essential to any operation. Whether you are looking for a standby, prime power, back-up power or emergency generator rental, LM GEN can supply you with a generator from 50 kW - 2000 kW. Our rental equipment is ready to be delivered at a moment's notice and comes complete with all necessary cables to get your operation back online as soon as possible. Our generators are available in different voltages to best fit your specific requirements. Whether it's 24 hour backup power rentals or primary power solutions, give LM GEN a call to discuss your requirements.
  • Transformer Rentals

    If you are looking for high voltage transformers for large industrial projects, power distribution to produce special events, isolating transformers for "clean" power, or step-down transformers for industrial manufacturing plants, we have the equipment you need. All our units are dry type, and either skid mounted or trailer mounted dependent on size. Voltage ranges from 208 to 4160 and sizes ranging from 75kVA to 3000kVA. Let us help to provide a solution for you to get running in no time.
  • Load Bank Rentals

    Is your generator capable of handling your load? When was the last time it was tested and verified? Our full line of load banks varies from 100kW to 2500kW in a stand-alone unit and can be combined for larger capacities. Voltages range from 240 single phase up to 4160 three phase. Call us to discuss your individual needs and we will provide a solution for you.
  • Power Distribution Rentals

    Do you have an upcoming event? Small or large we have the equipment to make your event a success. From the generator right down to the outlet we have the distribution equipment to get power to where you need it. Our proven experience and our specialized equipment that is ESA, CSA, and CUL approved will make sure your event runs smoothly. Let us help design a power distribution plan that works for you on time and on budget.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Rentals

    Are you in need of redundant power? Do you need guaranteed power? Our transfer switches can help with this, in conjunction with our generators we can back up your entire system either with one generator and utility power or two generators. Our sizes range from 100 Amp to 1600 Amp and 208 and 600 volts. We can help to provide a solution so you can go on with your business.

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