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Power Transformers

If you are in need of professional quality “Power Transformers” then you are in the right place! Here at L.M. Generating Power provides more than just quality equipment, we deliver reliable technical support, timely deliveries, and 24/7 service.  Give us a call today to speak with an experienced member of our team regarding our power transformers and power transformer rentals.

The role of a transformer is to change voltages from one level to another. This change usually involves very high power line transmission voltages (500 kV) being reduced to a significantly lower level used in heavy industrial applications (as much as 30 kV) and households (120-240 V). Dry type transformers execute this function so safely and efficiently, they are often used for indoor applications where other transformer types are considered too risky.

Factors to consider when selecting a specific transformer type include heat, maintenance and safety. Dry type transformers are highly valued for their excellent performance regarding these three important factors.

If you have a question regarding the use or another kind of inquiry regarding our power transformers, simply give us a call and find out more from a professional.  We are always happy to provide insight to Canadians based on our decades of experience working with such equipment.

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